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Education Through Exploration

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Perfect for Ages 0-6

Meet Pal! He’s the latest furry addition to the family, but his new brother Buddy is not so sure that he’s ready for a puppy. After breaking every rule in the house, Pal must find a way to go from being a bad dog to being man’s best friend. 


An adorable picture book that touches on the importance of setting good examples, having patience, and encouraging changes for the better. Perfect for families who may be welcoming new children or fur babies into the home. A Pal for Buddy is the first in a long line of true stories covering everything from holiday adventures to first-time experiences.

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Perfect for Ages 0-7

Lilly decides to explore the world around her instead of taking a nap. Lilly soon finds herself in quite a predicament. Will she find her way home in time for dinner? Lilly teaches children the importance of nap time and good listening skills. Stunning artwork and clever rhymes make this book a joy to read. 


Perfect for Ages 0-7

Share hope with your child as you join Harold on his fantastic adventure to discover the secret of flight. Harold the Duck Learns to Fly is a positive, uplifting, and motivational picture book. Filled with rhythm, this stunning third edition will encourage your child to believe in themselves, no matter the odds against them.


Perfect for Ages 0-8

The Tree of Dreams is an inspirational story designed to ignite your child's imagination. A motivational tale filled with whimsical illustrations, The Tree of Dreams is sure to warm the hearts of youth and parents alike. Children around the globe will adore this positive and uplifting book. Remind your little dreamer that anything is possible and watch their goals take flight. 


Perfect for Ages 4-12

Learning to cook is a fun way to boost your child's confidence in the kitchen while providing wonderful opportunities for family memories. Whether your little chef is just starting out or is a true connoisseur, these creative and health conscious dishes will be sure to entertain and sustain them.


This kid-friendly cookbook includes everything you need to create spectacularly unique dishes:

  • 14 simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and more! 

  • Healthier options for healthier kids!

  • Over a dozen ways to make food fun!

  • Artwork to inspire the imagination!

  • No previous experience, expensive ingredients, or fancy equipment required!

The Great Monster Cookbook from Barrie Patch Books gives young food lovers all that they need to accomplish big dreams in the kitchen. Each recipe is easy to follow and sure to be delicious. 

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